Photographs are meant to be printed.|What is Printage?

MeshBlock: Size- 8″x8″| Colors- Black and White |Price- 3 for $46, each additional for $9

Hi, we are Printage®

Printage, a photo printing app that offers an innovative solution for users to get premium quality stickable wall art delivered straight to your home. The release of the app has added various distinctive features that no other apps offer: AI digital image processing, built-in voguish backgrounds and custom fonts designed by our talented Printage team.

Simply put, Printage app is the most hassle-free method to create and order matchless print products from your phone.

With the advancement of technology, one of the best cameras has become a smartphone. In a so-called millennial age and saturated social media platforms; hence people no longer print photos like the previous generation of baby boomers. Thus, digital images are often left to perish in your phone, leaving you with nothing to hold between your fingertips.

Printage’s CEO Bruce Tsai conveys a couple of useful advice on how to begin:

Viewing images on a screen is one thing but physically holding a photograph is a gratifying experience. Photography was invented to turn moments and memories into pieces of happiness that people can hold onto forever. Print It. Hold It. Experience It.


Printage® makes your wall an elegant creation


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We offer 5 options for your prints and all products come with ready to sticky adhesives. You can decorate your space without nails.


MeshCanvas is printed on a fine poly-cotton canvas with art gallery cloth material.


MeshTile keeps the sides as styrofoam to make the image looks stereoscopic especially when it hangs on the wall.


For the highest image quality, MeshPanel will be a better choice, and among all our products the weight is the lightest as well.

MeshPanel is mirror wrapped over all edgesthe four edges of them are the reflection of the image which is their feature, no exposed borders.
Both MattePanel and MeshCanvas are wrapped over all edges, so no exposed borders.


MeshBlock has two color options for the sides, black and white; you could see the film on our website to know more details about it.


MeshFrame is made of plastic material, has two color options for the sides, black and white.
For MeshFrame and MeshBlock, we only provide one size of 8″x8″; while the other three products we provide both 8″x8″ and 8″x12″.

About Printage Team 

Printage team is consist of diverse talents: graphic designers, photographers, mobile design team and regular folks.

We are devoted to serving our users to print their photos and create photo books with ease. The founders are image processing engineers and have been in the industry for over two decades.

Our team takes pride in our print products by developing the intelligent image processing algorithm to ensure the best image quality. Our talented design department ensures our print products with inimitable quality and bespoke sensibility that no other app offers.

Snap, create and print

Picking your favorite photos from your mobile device. We have the most user-friendly interface to provide you with the best mobile experience. A simple yet elegant creation process that facilitates photo customization to checkout in just seconds

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