How do I track my Printage® orders?

Are you wondering where your order is? Find out here.

Tracking your orders by DHL tracking link

We will send your orders by DHL. Once your order ships out, you will receive a tracking email  (might be in the spam folder of your mailbox).

We will provide you a tracking link to see the status of your delivery. It’s the fastest way to check the status of your shipment.


Tracking your orders in Printage® APP

To track your order at any time, you could also click the “order history” to know the content and status of your package.

Why do I receive my order but it had 1/3 prints in the package?

If an order includes multiple photo tiles, we will separate them into 2 pieces of packages.

Each may have separate delivery dates and tracking information. Usually the second batch of the parcel will be one or two days later than the first one.

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