Tips to Remove Photo Tiles (Easily!)

Removal procedures for MeshCanvas owners that are experiencing difficulty removing their tiles. The specially made sticky pads are very strong after they have been bonded with your walls for a few weeks without moving them.

Therefore, here’re 2 tips of the removal process for users that have this problem.

2 Tips to Remove Photo Tiles


1)Remove from the bottom

Do not remove the tiles by pulling them off from the wall directly if you already stuck them tightly. Please pull them off from the bottom of the tiles, or by slightly twist clockwise, then detach them from the wall gently.

2)Remove every corner of the tapes

Three of our products come with 4 adhesive squares attached(MeshPanel, Meshtile, MeshCanvas). Don’t forget to remove them if the adhesive tapes are left on the wall.

What if the adhesive dried out? 4 ways to remove them

Designed for temporary use, our double-sided tapes are easy to reposition or remove.  However, after exposure to heat and UV rays for long periods, the adhesive dries out, making it difficult to remove from glass, plastic, or painted surfaces. 

There are a number of products formulated to remove adhesives from fragile surfaces. Before applying any product to remove the adhesive, test a small area to ensure that it does not damage the original surface.

Before you get started…

When working with razor blades, putty knives, or solvents, protect the skin and eyes with heavy work gloves or disposable gloves, and safety gogglesWork in a well-ventilated area, or open a window and set up fans to keep the air circulating throughout the room. Keep all materials out of reach of children and pets.

1)Try Heat


Heat affects our tape adhesives! Try using a blow dryer to heat and soften the adhesive. Insert a plastic putty knife under the edge of the tape to lift and peel it off the paint, plastic, or glass.

2)Add Moist Heat


Moist heat, such as steam iron, may dissolve the tape adhesive. Alternately, place a wet rag over the tape adhesive and use a blow drier or iron to heat the rag. Scrub the surface gently with the rag to peel off the adhesive. Use caution on plastic and paint; the surface may be damaged by the hot water.

3)Use a Solvent


Test a small area of the original surface in an inconspicuous location before using any solvent or alcohol product. A solvent or alcohol may damage the surface.

4)Use a Little Alcohol


Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer with alcohol also dissolves tape adhesive. Use cotton balls or swabs to apply alcohol to the adhesive. If necessary, pour some of the product onto a paper towel or rag and place it over the adhesive. Cover the paper towel or rag with plastic wrap and tape it down. After a few minutes, lift the edge of the plastic and check the adhesive. If it has softened, remove the plastic and use the rag to wipe off the adhesive.