MeshCanvas – Custom canvas prints to your walls without nails.


MeshCanvas offers a more intimate way to show off your photos. It turns your images into hanging wall art gallery/exhibition/decoration.

Our boards are made out of unique, heavy-duty, lightweight, and dent/scratch resistant material. They are comprised of extruded polystyrene foam bonded between two layers of wood-fiber veneer.

Each photo board comes with four adhesive squares to attach photo board to your wall. These squares can be removed and reattached for 10 times.

This versatility allows you to construct and reorganize inimitable layout that provides you with the freedom to unleash your creativity. Your best photographs can be cropped and turned into beautiful panoramic art creations.

MeshCanvas comes in two shapes: square (7.9″ x 7.9″ x 0.75″) and rectangle (7.9″ x 11.8″ x 0.75″)

MeshCanvas holds well and will not damage your wall (most hard, non-delaminating wall). Removal and adjustment are incredibly simple, with just a slight twist. It is the easiest way to garnish your walls without screws or nails.

MeshCanvas is a beautiful way to organize your memories, with moments captured and displayed on your wall that are easily arranged and connected to each other. Whether you’re moving, remodeling your home, or creating a travel list, MeshCanvas is perfect for you.


  • Quality – Art gallery paper and printing.
  • Material – Heavy-duty, lightweight, and dent/scratch resistant.
  • Adhesive – Each board comes with four squares to attach to your wall, and can be removed and reattached ten times.
  • Versatility – A ground-breaking new innovation that lets you create beautiful art pieces, decorate your walls, and relocate with ease.
  • Convenience – Easily installed in seconds without tools, and no more damaged walls.
  • Creativity – Freedom to mesh different photographs that match your desire.
  • Space – Customize your wall into a real life FB and IG.
  • Stereoscopic – Enhanced visual-attention with perceptually improved 3D product.
  • Universal App – Printage is a universal app that works with Android on Google and across iPads, and iPhones that run on iOS7 +.

Printage is free for iPad and iPhone in the App Store. 

Free in Google Play for Android:

Desktop Web :

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