Create Canvas Print by In-app Photo Filters: photo editing skill is unnecessary

Sometimes life isn’t perfect in the vision of our eyes. And it shouldn’t be.


Nothing is perfect in life. We just have to take in the good and ignore the bad.

Hence, we came out with our own filters to save you time and let you focus on your favorite memories. Our in-app filters will provide the professional touch up you are looking for. They aren’t the same filters you use on Instagram and Facebook. These filters are specially designed for our app and provided to you.

Will These Filters Compress My Photo?


Nope! Your photos will be the original size and quality. That means these filters will not jeopardize the quality of your photo prints and keep your photos original.  These filters will enhance your photo. That way you can turn them into wall art and emulate your memories.

How many Filter Options I can Choose?

Select from our 17 bespoke filters to keep everything unique and original. They can be applied to all our products. (MeshFrame, MeshBlock, MeshPanel, MeshTile and MeshCanvas)

Top 3 In-app Photo Filter in Printage App







Nothing is better than decorating your space with your personal memories. You can be your own interior designer with our app. Therefore, these filters will make your life easier and better. Not every day is perfect hair and/or makeup day.