2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin

Valentine’s Day can be a high-pressure holiday for some shoppers: Women and men.

It’s also a revenue-generating holiday for flower shops, restaurants, movie theatres, retail and online stores.

Matter of fact, Valentine’s Day dominates the retail calendar in February, driving more than $18 billion in consumer purchases in the United States alone, including, by some accounts, $5.4 billion in e-commerce sales.

With that being said, are you prepared for this year’s Valentine’s Day? Do you have a plan? Have you made a reservation at that restaurant she/he always wanted to go? Or have you purchased plane tickets and made hotel reservations for your romantic getaway? Have you decided what to get her/him for Valentine’s Day? Is it chocolate with roses? Or is it a bracelet or necklace? If that’s what you gifted her/him last year, try something new.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate with that person you love and appreciate. A little thoughtfulness makes all the difference.

You need to be a woman/man with a plan so this romantic event doesn’t become disastrous.

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I always think a gift that is personalized and sentimental can never go wrong. If you are able to integrate moments and memories that both of you share is even better. I’m sure most lovebirds have lots of shared moments together that they post on their social media accounts. Bring back the memories and moments that defined you two’s love. Don’t just post them. Print them out and display them.

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. So if you haven’t started your Valentine’s Day planning.

Start immediately!

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